The Meal Plan: Course by Kendra Adachi
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The Meal Plan: Course

The Lazy Genius Guide to Happy Dinners at Home
Enrollment is closed

"Mom, what's for dinner?"

It's the actual worst.

Sure, you have to make dinner, but you also have to decide what it is. The Meal Plan will make that process easier than you ever thought possible, using your own recipes, preferences, cooking skills, and picky palates. 

What's included?

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Your Magic Meal Plan Sheets

The Meal Plan Magic Sheets (printables)
Brainless Crowdpleasers Go To Meal List.pdf
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Brainless Crowdpleasers Meals and Must-Haves.pdf
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Weekly Meal Plan - Chart.pdf
41.8 KB
Weekly Meal Plan - Horizontal.pdf
41.4 KB
Weekly Meal Plan - Monday-Sunday.pdf
41.7 KB
Weekly Meal Plan - Sunday Start.pdf
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My Meal Matrix Category Sheet.pdf
47.2 KB
The Dinner Queue.pdf
46.5 KB
Season Meal Ideas.pdf
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Blank Calendar.pdf
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The Meal Plan Magic Sheets (fillable)
Brainless Crowdpleasers Go To Meal List - Fillable.pdf
89.2 KB
Brainless Crowdpleasers Meals and Must-Haves - Fillable.pdf
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Weekly Meal Plan - Fillable.pdf
85.6 KB
Weekly Meal Plan - Horizontal - Fillable.pdf
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My Meal Matrix Category Sheet - Fillable.pdf
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The Dinner Queue - Fillable.pdf
89 KB
Seasonal Meal Ideas - Fillable.pdf
95.4 KB
Blank Calendar - fillable.pdf
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What Others Are Saying...

"Meal planning used to be a continual stressor, and I never felt like I could ever get on top of it. Kendra’s The Meal Plan is a game changer! Finally I feel like I can check off a task that makes a major difference without depleting my mental energy. Thank you!"
Charlotte W.
“Kendra is the most gracious permission-giver. If the only thing I got out of this course (and it’s not, by a long shot!) was the permission to do meals the way I need, that would have been enough. But what Kendra offers is much, much more. The Meal Plan will Lazy Genius your meals for life.”
Emily Roehm

So what exactly is this thing?

The Meal Plan is made up of five key pillars: Brainless Crowdpleasers, Planning Parameters, The Meal Matrix, The Dinner Queue, and The Magic Question. 

Each one can be helpful on its own, but through The Meal Plan Magic Sheets and the weekly video masterclass, you'll learn to create a system that's totally customizable for how you live, plan, and eat. 

This isn't about learning recipes or cooking skills; it's about using as little energy as possible to plan your meals with consistency, no matter your life stage, diet, or prowess in the kitchen.

Plus, you get access to a private Facebook group of Lazy Genius meal planners who can offer recipes, resources, and encouragement as you create your own Meal Plan.
“I didn’t know if purchasing The Meal Plan would really be worth the money, because how hard should meal planning really be? But, I’ve been more consistent with not only planning but executing a meal plan the last 3 months than ever before. It’s not a cookie cutter approach; it is truly information that you can put to work right away so you can be the boss of meal planning. Highly recommend!”
Ashley S.
“I went from winging dinner every night since the birth of my 4th kiddo to having a plan for every meal. I spend less time in the kitchen now because the Meal Plan helped me streamline what works for me and my family. Kendra is like the wise older sister, giving you tips from her tried and true system. The family loves having actual meals, and mama is LESS tired/cranky/confused in the kitchen. I'm so glad I took this course—it has saved my sanity!”
Valerie A.


Are there videos?

There will be four LIVE trainings on Facebook over the month of March, and if we'll also email you links to those videos every week via email.

What if I don't use Facebook?

No problem. I'm not super into Facebook either. While the Facebook group is invaluable in getting ideas and recipes from other Lazy Genius meal planners, you won't miss out on any of the training content if you never log in. The training videos will come right to your inbox if that's your preference. 

I remember there being an actual Meal Plan book. Is that still a thing?

Not this time. I still love the book, but the logistics of printing and shipping a physical product were a bit too much for our team this time around. We've redesigned the most loved pages and added new ones so that you can print out (or just edit on your computer) the pages that make the most sense to you. 

I'm on a restrictive diet (Paleo, Whole30, gluten-free, etc.). Does this still apply to me?

Absolutely. The Meal Plan doesn't offer recipes but instead a framework on how to choose the recipes you need.

I've tried everything, and I just can't seem to figure out meal planning. Is this really going to work?

I've been wrong about many things - haircuts, jean styles, taking college calculus - but this isn't one of them. If you have a desire to meal plan but can't quite figure out a system to make it work for you, I truly believe The Meal Plan is your answer. 

Most meal planning systems don't work because you didn't make them. Only you know what foods you like, how well you cook, and how much time you have. The Meal Plan gives structure and language to everything bouncing around in your head and in your cookbooks, offering a simple path to happy dinners at home.