The Holiday Docket by Kendra Adachi

The Holiday Docket

The Lazy Genius Guide to the Holidays

It's Time to Do More Than Just Survive the Holidays

The Holiday Docket is a workbook with seven practical steps to help you enjoy the holidays and celebrate the season well, especially this year when the season looks different than usual.

The Holiday Docket is for you if you...
  • love the holiday season but feel overwhelmed year after year
  • want to be intentional about the things you say "yes" to during the holidays
  • miss the joy the holiday season used to bring 

The Holiday Docket will help you...
  • plan for the required activities and the fun ones
  • name what matters to you during October-December
  • celebrate the holidays well

If you need someone to reorient your brain so the holidays will actually be life-giving instead of soul-sucking, this little ebook is your ticket.

What Other Lazy Geniuses Are Saying About The Holiday Docket

"The Holiday Docket was so helpful, and you were right -- I found myself getting excited about the holidays in a different way! 

Less roller coaster excitement and more warm, fuzzy excitement."
"Thanks to The Holiday Docket, I don't just have a handy to-do list or organized calendar. I feel so much more emotionally and mentally prepared to shape our holiday season into what my family and I hope it to be. I'm so glad I bought it and will definitely revisit it every year."

What's included?

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