The Meal Plan: The Complete System by Kendra Adachi
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The Meal Plan: The Complete System

The Lazy Genius Guide to Happy Dinners at Home
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What's included?

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The Meal Plan Video Guide
Course Tour - The Meal
5 mins
Meal Plan Welcome Video.m4v
5 mins
The Battle Cry (Video 2).m4v
7 mins
Brainless Crowdpleasers (Video 3).m4v
6 mins
The Magic Question (Video 4).m4v
10 mins
The Dinner Queue (Video 5).m4v
19 mins
The Actual Planning (Video 6).m4v
22 mins
The Meal Plan Files and Links
The Meal Plan (Digital Version).pdf
420 KB
The Meal Plan Facebook Group

The Lazy Genius Collective

Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't.


Are there recipes in the book or videos?

No recipes.
But the problem isn't not enough recipes; it's not having a system to put your recipes into. That's what The Meal Plan does. You add what meals work for you, what recipes could work in the future, and have all of your decisions made in one place.

Will you be available to answer questions?

Because you're a VIP Meal Planner, you'll get access to me in our private Meal Plan Facebook group. I'll be in there twice a week for the entire month of October to answer your questions and help you make the most of The Meal Plan.

What's more important - the book or the videos?

The book is your lifeline, and the videos help you know how to use it.
The book is low on instructions to leave more room for your recipes and meal plans. The videos should offer a ton of guidance, as will that private Facebook group.